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Information regarding Grass and Weeds

Things to know about Grass and Weeds
 It shall be unlawful for any owner, agent, lessee, tenant, or other person occupying or having charge or control of any premises to permit weeds to remain upon said premises or any area between the property lines of said premises   and the centerline of any adjacent street or alley,  including but not specifically limited to sidewalks, streets, alleys, easements, rights-of-way and all other areas, public or private. This means you are responsible from your property to the middle of the street. This includes ditches.
 Weeds and grasses on or about residential property which, because of its height, has a blighting influence on the neigh-borhood. Any such weeds and indigenous grasses shall be presumed to be blighting if they exceed 12 inches in height.
 If you receive a grass violation :
~ You are ordered to cut your grass within 10 days of receiving notice. Neglecting to take care of the Violation after 10 days will result in the Public Officer or                   Authorized Assistant cutting, destroying, or removing such weeds at your expense.
~ There will be an assessment of cost due to the Property Owner if a Public Officer or Authorized Assistant has to take care of the violation.
~ If fees remain unpaid for over 30 days, the City Clerk shall place the cost on the tax rolls of the County for collection.

 If you have any questions regarding Codes you may contact City Hall at 785-494-2558 or Code Enforcement at 785-494-2556.

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